Automation Engineering, Inc.

Areas of Expertise

Founded in 1977, AEI has acquired high technology experience is multiple industries, technical fields and projects.

AEI has developed customized electro-optical solutions using unique electro optic metrology systems for diesel engine parts; the first on-line PCB etching monitor, and multiple metrology and process control systems for the interconnect industry. We have experience with a wide range of electro-optical systems. Additionally, AEI has experience with optical systems for space and medical devices.

We have experience with a wide range of electro-optical systems. AEI has designed and built equipment using diode lasers and traditional light sources such as arc lamps.  We also are versed in CW and pulsed laser technologies. AEI has certified laser systems for for use in the U.S. and in Europe complying with the CE regulations. 

The basis of all software platforms is similar.  AEI has coded systems using all the commonly used development tools.  We have also ported software from one platform to another.  For instance, we recently moved a LINUX based system into the Windows environment.  AEI has also developed web-based systems.  All of our recent products are capable of service diagnostics, data logging and backup via the Internet.

The building block of production ready equipment is a solid mechanical base.  This is especially important with optical and laser instrumentation.  AEI has built turn key optical systems with the drop test as a foundation of the design.  AEI has also products running in the production environment for over a decade. 

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