Automation Engineering, Inc.

Innovation in Technology.....
.....Solutions in Instrumentation,
.....Time Critical Results.

AEI's is an expert in solutions. A development program that is delayed by seemingly unsolvable problems is in our area of expertise.  An instrument with high MTBF is something that we can make reliable.  We can help you with system software that hangs or has frequent unexplained glitches. Our knowledge spans a broad set of electro-optical systems including pulsed, continuous wave and solid state diode lasers. Our software development platforms range from LINUX to C to C Sharp to Delphi. We provide solutions and improvements in system software, system hardware and reliability, especially when time is your critical element.

Project Management
Project management is a seemingly straightforward task of planning, organizing and directing resources toward a well defined goal.  When small problems grow out of proportion, we are ready to step in and help your team re-direct their efforts back on track.  Frequently these issues turn into missed deadlines and over-budget projects.  We can be counted on to quickly diagnose the problem areas and make corrections, saving you time and money.  

AEI's primary area of expertise is determining the next best step for your project.  This requires a sound understanding of the system basics and a thorough ability in system integration.  Our experts are equally capable in the software, mechanical hardware,electro-optical and electronics fields.   

AEI has been developing products and custom instrumentation solutions for over 30 fields.  Our equipment is used in industries as diverse as diesel engine manufacturing and precision micro-electronics.  Our customers range in size from the small circuit board shop to General Motors and IBM.  We have equipment installed worldwide.

Defense Contracting
AEI is a small, woman owned business. AEI been contracted with the various government organizations as both a prime and a sub-contractor.

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